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"A Powerful Voice in a Child's Life"

Volunteers are the base of CASA, and, as Meghan Trainor has taught us, "It's all about the base."

Why Should You Volunteer?

Children need a voice, someone to represent THEM: not the courts, not the parents, not the system.

Knowing that you can make a positive difference in a child’s life is an immeasurable feeling.

Many hands make light work. As like many situations, the more people helping, the easier it is for all involved, especially the children!

Volunteering with CASA is a great way to be involved in your community, make personal and professional connections, and be a powerful voice in a child’s life!

What do Volunteers do?

When you volunteer with CASA, you will be assigned a current case from the Seventh Judicial Court System. You will communicate with all parties involved in the case including parents and relatives, lawyers and council, CYFD caseworkers and staff, and most importantly the child/children involved. You will have access to all court related documents, medical records, school and counseling reports. You will need to complete forms and paperwork related to case and suggest recommendations for procession based upon the best interests of the child. You will need to attend all court hearings and case related meetings, in order to stay up to date. And lastly, you will need to follow up with CYFD and other organizations to make sure court orders are being carried out and that the child is in a safe and loving environment and working towards a permanent home.

Training and Support

The CASA Director and Coordinators will help select and train volunteers to understand how the CASA program works, recognize the significant role a volunteer plays in each case, and familiarize volunteers with court proceedings, policies and procedures, and advocacy tools pertaining to individual cases. The Director and Coordinators will also support and assist volunteers with court reports, recommendations, and information as needed.

The initial training for CASA volunteers is 30 hours and will be set up by the coordinator. An additional 12 hours of training are needed annually and can be obtained at monthly workshops. Online, video, and other relative information gathering may be counted as training as well.


Contact Destiny Mitchell for more details. 


Make a Difference


Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.
— Elizabeth Andrew

Nothing you ever do for children is wasted.
— Garrison Keillor

I always wondered why somebody doesn’t do something about that. Then I realized that I was somebody.
— Lily Tomlin

If you want to save the world, just start by saving one child.
— Gen. Colin Powell

Children are our most valuable natural resource.
— Herbert Hoover